Solutions Design

Tennessee Visual is there for you when it comes to classroom and conference room design. Our team can help with upgrading technology in existing installations, as well as work with contractors, business owners, and educational institutions to design the right system for the job at hand.

Whether you are presenting to dozens or hundreds, standalone or networked, we can help you design the best fit for your current and future presentation needs. Remember, there is not one perfect solution for every need; if you want the elements of sound and vision to stand out, you need to properly evaluate the environment in which presentations take place. That is where we come in.

Our manufacturers make dozens of models of projectors and screens because of the individual differences of each venue, be it professional or academic. It is our mission to not over nor undersell in this category, but instead to meet the mark and leave presenters and viewers satisfied with their experience.

Getting the message to your patrons effectively means having the right tools; we would rather provide the right tool for the job than load you up with cumbersome equipment that doesn't meet your needs and no one knows how to use. The last thing you want on the mind of your presenters and participants after the fact is that the presentation was hard to see or that the technology was cumbersome.

Too many schools and businesses have encountered the technology trap, encumbered by expense rather than seeing an increase in productivity. Tennessee Visual works with you to make sure that you
avoid such pitfalls.

Give us a call today to inquire or arrange a site visit. We'd be glad to help you succeed at meeting the multimedia needs of employees, clients, and students alike.

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