Who we are

Bob Davis, Jr., Sales Manager and CEO

Bob grew up with Tennessee Visual and remembers when the company was located on lower Broadway. At age twelve he was inspecting, cleaning and packaging for shipment the 16mm films that were a major part of Tennessee Visual's business at that time. He came to work for Tennessee Visual on a full-time basis in 1964. With the retirement of his father, Bob Davis, Sr., in 1972, Bob, Jr. became President and Sales Manager.

Bob now works mostly with our school clients in Tennessee and Kentucky, spending his leisure time testing new educational toys with his grandchildren.

R. Christopher Davis, Office Manager / Accounting & Finance / Sales

Chris was born into the Tennessee Visual family right about the time his grandfather, Bob Davis Sr., retired. From stuffing envelopes as a kid to managing operations as a bigger kid, he's been hands on all the way.

Chris also works as a multimedia artist and with audio production. When he's not in the office or studio, he's cultivating the family's blueberry patch.

Bob Davis, Sr., Deceased 2005

Bob Davis, Sr. founded Tennessee Visual in 1946 and continued as its president until his retirement in 1972. Upon "retiring" to Freeport, Florida. He dedicated himself to a mix of fly fishing, farming, and making a little wine. Bob cultivated blueberries, several strains of grapes, as well as melons, pears, and figs. Whenever someone told him that a particular grape wouldn't grow in the region, his green thumb proved them wrong.

Leaving the world some mighty shoes to fill, he passed away in July 2005.

Tom Tate, Deceased 2010

Tom joined Tennessee Visual as a service technician in 1972, and evolved with us from the era of 16mm projectors and filmstrips to the current generation of video/data projectors and display devices. As technology evolved, Tom evolved with it and took a sales and service role, earning the respect of customers and suppliers alike.

Sadly, Tom has passed away, leaving in his wake our admiration and echoes of The Who.